Year 3 Architecture Student Project

This is video illustrate the understanding of the chosen site. For me, I chose Canary Wharf in London as my site. The topic is about dimension and the book 'Flatland'. What is dimension? As we say 'time' to be 4th dimension, is there a 5th dimension or more unknown dimension?

In the video 'Grid City', I illustrated the visible lines/grid invisible lines/grid that you see or not see on site. And the grid reveals the dimensions that shape the city, including motion which connect to time.

The first scene is about the general phenomenon people may experience in Canary Wharf. The second scene is about the world of perspective and non-perspective. (Try imaging a world without perspective. I understood 'perspective' as a dimension base on this understanding that perspective makes our way of looking the world different, or say, limited.) The third scene is about the moving arm and field of motion. While the fourth scene, as I think is the most important, was about tracking the lines of a movement of an object. You might wonder what's all those rising lines about until you see at the end of the video is a segment that is the view on an escalator. At the end, scenes transit into the genuine video of canary wharf and the escalator rising and finally goes to an existence as a symbol of getting out the 'grid city'.

The music is from the movie 'Tron' which a found has a same concept of a city in grid. Thanks to the director of 'Tron' who made such a great movie.

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