OGG STREAMING: archive.org/download/PastaAnimation/Pasta.ogv
MPEG2 file (104.8MB, PAL-DVD compliant): archive.org/download/PastaAnimation/Pasta.mpg

This animation was produced on Nov 4-5-6, 2011 during the "Cartoon Fabrica", the animation workshop for kids at the 5th Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow. multfest.ru/rus/stat2.php?id=94

I worked with many many many kids of different ages, some as young as 2 years old. Anja Boguslavskaya lead the workshop with me.

The workshop used PASTA as material to animate. Younger kids practiced on direction and speed, older kids experimented with composition and micro-stories.

The video is published with a Creative Commons License BY-SA 3.0 Italia.

It's produced using Free Open Source Software:
Frame Capture: Stopmotion: linuxstopmotion.org
Editing: CinelerraCV cinelerra.org
Operating System: Ubuntu ubuntu.com/
Camera: Canon EOS 60D


Снято на Фабрике Мультфильмов в рамах Большого Фестиваля Мультфильмов 2011 в Москве

Руководители мастер-класса: Раффаэлла Траниелло, Анна Богуславская
Идея, монтаж Раффаэлла Траниэлло

Операционная система UBUNTU ubuntu.ru
Съемочная программа STOPMOTION linuxstopmotion.org
Монтажная программа CINELERRA cinelerra.org

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