a film by Roberto Paci Dalò
produced and directed by Roberto Paci Dalò
with Natalie Cristiani
voice Sandro Lombardi
after texts by Antonio Gramsci, Giacomo Leopardi, Pier Paolo Pasolini
cinematography Roberto Paci Dalò, Marco Tani, Nicola Vicenti
editor Pietro Lassandro
music Absolute Value of Noise, Roberto Paci Dalò
animation assistant Irene Aurora Paci
co-production Giardini Pensili, Velvet Factory
filmed on location in Rome and Predappio (Forlì)

Italy 2006
25 min, PAL, B/W, stereo, 1:33:1

This film is based on the staged concert Italia anno zero created in 2004 by Olga Neuwirth and Roberto Paci Dalò.

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