MKC gallery, Split, Croatia, 11.2011.

This is the first public display of my new video installation. It's a big analog video synth with computer control. Visual textures/structures are created by distorting the image on a TV set. No prerecorded materials of any sort.

Three modified black/white TV sets (Paik/Abe wobbulators were the starting point) are controlled by 8 audio/CV channels each. The resulting textures/structures are recorded by three pan/tilt cameras, connected to 6 projectors over video matrix switch.

The waveforms from TV screens before they get to the projectors are here:

All video is analog, without any kind of video processing. What is synthesized on a TV is recorded by camera and projected on the wall, and that's it.

Everything in the system is computer controlled. The results are repeatable. For this exhibition I ended up with sort of a "generative animated movie" that lasts 15 minutes. It runs in a continuous loop and looks the same in every pass.

Making of video:

For more detailed tech info and historical reference on the original wobbulator check here:

P.S. I'm not entirely happy how this video looks on Vimeo. Lots of fine detail is lost in compression. If interested, try here

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