This film represents an idea I had about memories which are still alive and normally are represented by B&W. I did use it but in a different prospective, it's only parts of it as you can see. Pieces of colors, pieces of memories that I've just putted together. Memories works like this I guess, they go black to the white, they are in pieces, go fast and slow, etc.

Thailand is a very interesting country and I did many films there. I went from recording a Buddha in the temple, for example, until a nice trip in a boat to know the floating market. There's a very nice place to be. I had an incredible time there.

About the filming, people in Southeast Asia simply love cameras and photos so it was not a big deal to film them. The music is a music that I love a lot which is a part of the amazing show '' Acqua '' by Cirque du Soleil I've watched in Las Vegas.

I hope you guys like it!!!

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