Excerpts from the 'My Sweet Canary'- Roza Eskenazi Tribute Concert world tour.

Yasmin Levy vocals | Mehtap Demir (Turkey) vocals and kemane | Yiota Negka (Greece) vocals|
Ramazan Sesler (Turkey) clarinet | Kyriakos Gouventas (Greece) violin | Dimitris
Mistakidis (Greece) guitar | Dimitris Baslam (Greece) bass | Yinon Muallem (Israel/ Turkey) percussion | Vaglis Kripis (Greece) percussion | Manolis Pappos (Greece) bouzouki | Tomer Katz Baglama | Can Sesler (Turkey) cello |
Mumin Sesler (Turkey) oud, qanun, and musical management |

Creators and Producers: Roy Sher and Elpida Markianidou
Concert Tour Management and sales: Helen Kontos/ United World Music Management: unitedworld.gr
For more information: mysweetcanary.com
Based on the Musical Documentary 'My Sweet Canary' a Sher Film and Music Productions Film.


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