This Jordan Searcey a participant on the Momentum Leadership Course all the way from Nebraska, USA.

Jordan came across our course via Twitter (@Momentumlive) and everyone agreed having someone from the USA would add enormous value to the course. For Jordan it was the first time she had been to Europe so it was important for us to make this programme extra special for her.

It is fair to say life in the Nebraska is very different to life in London and South Yorkshire and this is why so much learning takes place. It is a chance to find out about each others culture and language and celebrate the differences. Understanding life in the American Mid West was a revelation for many on the course and this films explores Jordan’s motivation for stepping out of that world for 8 days.

For more information on how Momentum can create an environment for change visit -

Momentum would like to thank the Youth in Action programme - for making this course possible.

The main music track 'Dirtbag' was provided by Brad Sucks, Brad is a one man band who writes, records and produces songs and put them on this website for people to download and hopefully share and enjoy -

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