In this video Den Road tests the Cineroid metal HD-SDI EVF.

My cameraman has been using it on the Sony EX-1 and it's been working out great. The EX-1 has no EVF and so rather than upgrading to the more expensive PMW-EX3 a better and more cost effective solution is to add the Cineroid HD-SDI EVF.
(N.B. The Sony EX-1 and EX-3 are identical cameras in terms of image quality and sensor)

The EVF is the only HD-SDI EVF currently available. There are some neat functions like:

- Frame lines for Cinema aspect ratios
- Image flip
- Monochrome only (useful for more experienced large camcorder ops)
- Underscan
- peaking
- Zebra
- Pixel to pixel focus assist
- Accepts Dc from 6-17v via 2 pin Lemo

It also has an anamorphic function which means if you shoot with anamorphic adaptors this will stretch out the image to allow you to compose more easily.

The whole device is very robust and solid.

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