Background Research:

Benetton and Fabrica have worked together to produce some of the most creative and controversial pieces of communication in the advertising industry to build on the strong brand values of the worldwide fashion brand - Benetton.
The Live Windows that feature in some of the Benetton stores have communicated locally and globally. Animations, videos and interactions created to draw attention from the public about big topical, social issue and to have fun at the same time.


The aim of this form of marketing and promotion is to gain the interest and attention of people in the high street, to get consumers and possible new consumers to have fun and get involved with the brand but also to teach and give them awareness of such topical and social issues and events.

My Communication Strategy:

I’ve chosen to look at a subject that people should consider and that If this was to be used as a Live Window the message I think that it would help spread. Something everyone has to learn to accept - ‘change’.

The message I want to communicate to the consumers is the simple notion that ‘Nothing stays the same’ (politics, companies, social issues, relationships, life...), how there can be different types of changes, how they can be good or bad, how they’re constantly happening etc.

Tone Of Voice:

The visual language and style I've used to communicate my idea of ‘Nothing stays the same’ is fluent, abstract, sharp, clean animated shapes and colour used as an extension of the Benetton brand logo, simultaneously and constantly changing to slightly resembling the transitions and way in which kaleidoscopes animate.

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