A week ago my beloved Momo died in a tragic accident. I don't think I'll ever get over it. She was the best!!!

Our guinea pig, Guy and chinchilla, Zoe are great, but don't provide my wife and I with the same type of companionship.

We were having trouble coping with Momo's death, especially since there was no one to greet us and love us like she did.

To help ease the pain and give us an outlet for all of the love we still have to give we bought Petrie, a yellow-sided green cheek conure. She has been great! She loves to bite, preen, drink orange juice, and play! She's extremely cute!

Here's her first video(actually, she could be a boy. We will find out the sex from the vet in a couple of weeks). Maybe in the future her videos will attain the same production value of Momo's, but she's still learning the filmmaking process.

update: after a blood test, it turns out Petrie is a boy

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