Here are 5 clips that are in 1 segment from back in the day. All of the footage and edits are from 2006-2007. If you wanna watch some old boogie clips and good times with my friends and I check it out. Aloha.

Clip 1: Maui 3/25/06
One session.
Riders: Cary Kayama, Jonah, Viso, Dphil, Erv, D-tills, and hags.

Clip 2: Maui 12/6/07
One session.
Riders: Hubb, hags, Skipp, Jonah, and Viso.

Clip 3: North Shore 2007
Riders: Hags, Sevilla, Heyd, Viso, Jonah, Reis, and Hayashi.

Clip 4: Sumbawa, Indonesia 2007
Boat trip.
Riders: Sevilla, Hags, Heyd, Tim, Baker, and Rich.

Clip 5: Philippines, Cloud 9 2007
Riders: Hags, Dphil, Hamilton, Kona K, Jonah, J Wright, Bondy, Dutro, and Heyd.

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