While spiritual gurus and "enLIEghtened masters" earn big bucks selling an elusive heaven
up to 30 Million Children Starve to Death every year - and increasing
Can they 'follow their greatest excitement?' - Why hasn't the 'Universe' heard them beg for food?
Why can't 'God' hear them crying? Why can't they uplift their vibrations to not starve to death?
Why is heaven such a damn expensive place while hell on Earth begs for a piece of bread?

We cannot silence the ones that suffer with positive thinking
We have to speak for the voice that has been stolen from them
through greed and self interest sugar coated with diamonds and wine
as the idea of 'heaven' where 'everything is fine'.

Profit from neglecting reality is also a crime against humanity

Support the Equal Money System to stop all spiritual product
selling fallacies to 'feel good' about yourself while the world
falls apart in despair, asking WHY you cared more about the big house,
the big bucks and shiny car and how you forgot about them while
seeking a connection with a 'God' that cast them out of your sight
into oblivion.

Video by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

T-o-l-l-e- and all spiritual gurus must be exposed to the reality they neglect
yet package and sell it to you as a heavenly surrender to all being just fine
Profit from neglecting reality is also a crime against humanity

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions.

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marlenvargasdelrazo.wordpress.com - personal blog of walking process of Self Honesty

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The daily self Task to place yourself in writing in a structured way will in time be your proven sanity, trust , honesty and consistency that transcend all ego. All the structure must show is your dedication to what is best for all life and the confirmation through cross-referenced feedback that you are in fact living this commitment breath by breath into being as you as life. This will support you effectively when you get to the point of no return called death and you are measured to see if you are in fact life and worthy to be recognized as life. At Desteni our interest is life and the living. Join us in this journey of creating the way to life to stand the test of time. Desteni I Process is available to all regardless of affordability .

Music by Matti Freeman

Facebook: facebook.com/MattiFreeman
YouTube: youtube.com/mattifreeman1

Footage taken from FreeRT video

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