In 1983 Nevill co-produced and presented a six part TV series called 'Healers, Quacks or Mystics' - A personal exploration of alternative medicine which was broadcast on ABC TV. In its day, it was a break-through series, introducing alternative medicine to many for the first time.

Nevill has supplied episodes digitised from old VHS copies that will be uploaded to his Vimeo channel over the coming months. Even though the quality is not fantastic, the series presents an historic look at alternative medicine, particularly in Australia.

Ep 1) The new healers
Examines alternative medicine and the increase in interest in Australia in naturopathy, iridology and self-awareness groups.

Includes interviews with those involved in this developing health industry, who discuss the nature of health and the importance of looking at the whole person and their lifestyle to heal disease and prevent further illness.

Deals with prevention rather than cure and the focus on diet, stress and emotional problems that cause illness within the body.

Producer, director, Richard Corfield ; series producer, Ken Dyer ; editor, John Pleffer ; photography, Laurence McManus, Chris Davis ; sound, Peter Steege, Colin Jones

Also a book by Nevill Drury, Ken Dyer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Publisher - Hale & Iremonger in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corp., 1983
ISBN 0868061069, 9780868061061

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