The original file is 1280 x 720, I've adjust the size and the quality because it's really big and unmanageable for the Internet. Anyway, I'm afraid that images are quite subtle and vimeo compression is not very good with this kind of aesthetics (if you download the video the quality is much better).

This piece was made from a video recording of a walk under the rain. The initial idea was to edit the raw images, without effects, with a binaural sound recording made at the same time, but when I returned home I discovered that there was some kind of problem with the sound file and I couldn't open it.

The direct sound from the compact digital camera was really bad, so I couldn't work with it either. Then I decided that if the raw material was bad, there was only one solution, make it worse... so I distorted everything until I end up with this.

PhonoKino II (2013, Frankfurt, Germany).

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