(J 2005, 20 Min, DV)

After 10 years abroad Jun returns back to Japan in order to commemorate the death of his childhood sweetheart Yuki. He takes the plane to Nagasaki and visits her grave. But at night he is haunted by his past. Yuki appears in his dreams and invites him to join her on the island where they grew up together. Jun follows her call and sets foot on the now uninhabited island where Yuki died in a terrible accident 10 years ago.

"Lost Island" is an experimental short-film that was partially shot on the spectacular abandoned mining island of "Gunkanjima" (the official name is "Hashima"), off the Nagasaki coast. What initially started as a documentary film ("we just took a handycam with us on our trip to the island") eventually turned into an improvised road-movie. It is the story of a love-relationship that reaches beyond death.

(Note: Due to bad weather conditions it was only possible to stay on the island for a couple of hours.)

Cast and Staff:

Jun: Jun Bruderer-Kono
Yuki: Yoshiko Matsuda

Written, filmed and directed by Roger Walch

A Rowmuse Films Production, Japan 2005,

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