What happens if you play every single line of pixels of a video at a slightly different speed? It is what I tried to realise in this work with a real time sketch made with Processing. A 16 seconds loop is getting distorted during 6 minutes. The bottom line is played at a normal speed, the second a bit slower, the third even more and so on. Except some color grading, no more post processing has been applied. The beauty of this dancer body, starting as the original to morph into this elastic body and finally disappearing into a kind of smoke has been a really satisfying result. Hope you enjoy it as well!

Big thanks to Hellicar&Lewis to letting me using their original video 'Divide by Zero':

The algorithm (processing sketch) is available at :

Music : "A Drifting Up" by Jon Hopkins from the album "Insides"
Courtesy of Domino records

realised with Processing and After Effects

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