Paul Donnellon interviewed by Watch the Titles.

Donnellon: "The film is set in the early 1900s in Colombia, South America, therefore I felt the sequence should not feel too digital so we created the hand-painted oil painting feel in the rendering. The idea was to give the audience a feeling of the colors and atmosphere of South America. The animation was approached so each frame of the beautifully rendered flowers had to move in a different way, rather than some mechanical animation."

"We put a lot of effort into the line test stage, studying time-lapse flowers footage and getting the twisting feeling of the tendrils and flowers opening before commiting to the hand painting stage. I am sure no one other than fussy designers notice, but we think it was worth the effort rather than just making a straight computerised sequence."

“We had thought of creating some depth of field effects onto the final layers, but when we tried this it took away from the feeling that this was a flat canvas being painted on, so we scaled back."

"The final piece runs for just thirty seconds and seems simple, but a lot of care went into making it. For the end piece we created still images from our paintings, so this book ends the movie."

Title Director: Paul Donnellon
Producer: David Z.Obadiah, Noel Donnellon
Design: Andrew White, Paul Donnellon
Animation: Harriet Gillian, Paul Donnellon, Maki Yoshikura, Petria Whelan, Michelle Salamon
Compositing: Andrew White

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