This "EllisLab How To" will walk through the process of logging into the control panel when you forget your credentials, and the "Reset My Password" email fails to send.

This technique requires "registering" for accounts be enabled on your site.


ExpressionEngine FAQ: Reset Password not working, need access! -


Welcome to an "EllisLab How To". In this video, we'll highlight how to successfully login to the control panel, in the event you forgot your admin account credentials, and the "Reset Password" link is not working correctly. For this technique to work properly, you do need to have registration enabled for your site. Let's get started.

We have our Agile Records site here, and we need to login, but we can't remember our account, and the "Reset Password" is not working.

In order to access our control panel, we need to register a new account.

Go ahead and fill out the form and submit it.

Now it's time to open up our database in phpMyAdmin, or in this case Sequel Pro. Navigate to the "exp_members" table, and locate the member we just created.

Now, change the "group_id" for this member to "1", which correlates to the "Super Admin" member group.

Now, if we attempt to login to the control panel with the account we just modified, you'll notice that we will be able to log in.

Let's try.

Now that we're logged in to the control panel, we can navigate to the "Member Account" section of the site, find our old "Super Admin" account, and reset the password. By doing this, we'll be able to use our old account again, and log back in.

Let's try that now.

Once we're able to successfully login with our old "Super Admin" account, we can delete the new member we just created.

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