Whew! It's already 7 o'clock in the morning! I don't know if my brain can still function properly. This might be one of the most intricate productions I made.

Two weeks ago, the III- St. Peter class requested me to make a slideshow as part of their birthday bash surprise for their adviser. I got excited and interested since Vhem is a dear friend of mine; so I started planning for the video a week ahead. Few days before its deadline, I was so engaged in making the video, and spent sleepless nights. Now, this is the peak of all my efforts... my project was saved incorrectly. It vanished suddenly the night before Vhem's Bday. Goddamit! If I could only cry nails during that time, I already did it. So I just crossed my fingers and did the right thing-REPEAT. I did the same thing and gave up some nice but very intricate slides just to finish the video. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Fortunately, I finished it at 2 am, produced it for 30 minutes, convert it for another 30 minutes and upload it for about 3 hours. I finally made it!

Thanks to Therese for waiting the video until morning, to Ella for sending the video greetings, and to Paulino who initiated it all and kept on pressuring me.

To Vhem, this slideshow plus the utmost effort I exerted is already my gift. I haven't heard from you for quite some time now, so this is really a great surprise for you. Happy Birthday again! See ya!

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