Becoming Dragon questions the one year requirement of Real Life Experience that transgender people must fulfill in order to receive Gender Confirmation Surgery (Sexual Reassignment Surgery), and asks if this could be replaced by one year of Second Life Experience to lead to Species Reassignment Surgery. For the performance, Micha Cárdenas, aka Azdel Slade, lived for 365 hours immersed in Second Life with a head mounted display, only seeing the physical world through a video feed, and a motion capture system to map her movements into Second Life. The performance space was be open to the public for the duration, during the hours that the building is open, 9am to 7pm. During the entire duration of the performance Micha stayed in the performance space at CRCA and in Second Life.

The project seeks to explore the shift from subjectivity to becoming, to examine the subject in transition, as opposed to a clearly defined identity. During the year of research and development of this project, Micha Cárdenas has begun her real life hormone replacement therapy and has been writing poetry and prose about the experience on her blog, This writing will be included in the performance of Becoming Dragon.

More documentation of the performance is at

This video is licensed Creative Commons, BY-SA.

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