2011 has been an amazing year. Honestly words cannot describe how much fun and awesome the year has been so far and i cant wait for the next. Through everything i shot, all the people who have supported me this whole way, the companies and people i have worked with, the new faces i have met. I cannot thank each and everyone of you guys enough. I wouldnt be here today without you people.

This is a recap of most of my favorite things i shot this year. A lot of the drifting hadn't been seen until now since i was covering stuff for Walker/Fatlace, and then doing videos for BC.

Anyways here it is.

Shot on:

Canon t2i
Canon 7d
Canon 5dmkii

Once again I would to thank everyone who has supported me through this all and all the companies/people i have met. You guys are awesome and thank you for watching my videos!

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