A short film directed, produced, written by and featuring Thomas Lundy. This film has recently enjoyed a sudden inexplicable rise in plays, especially in the U.S.; THANKS! Top 10 countries this film is most played in (from most to least): 1. U.S., 2. UK, 3. Germany, 4. France, 5. Canada, 6. Brazil, 7. Australia, 8. Spain, 9. Netherlands, 10. Italy. Also viewed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia; see annotated TV interview about NUDE NOT on youtube.com/watch?v=KjIYW_FTg6s&list=UUb1RjCz2TsI0E_KWDoJKMIA

Read the article about this by U.S. author Mark Storey in NUDE & NATURAL quarterly magazine (autumn 2014 issue: issuu.com/kinglundox/docs/u.s.__n__quarterly_magazine_tns_aut)

If you enjoyed the film then please get the DVD from Amazon here:

Listen to the interview with me on this podcast; my segment begins at about 17:15 in this MP3:
naturistliving.bareoaks.ca/2013/05/naturist-filmaker.html or on YouTube (starts at 17:28): youtube.com/watch?v=HilZfeHDRyg

Shot on 16mm black & white film (Arriflex camera.) Televised on Canal+ in France, Switzerland, Monaco and Mauritius in 2000. Screened at many film festivals from 2000 to 2006*.

*Festivals/Public Screenings/Broadcast: Hart House Film Board Screening Gala, Toronto, 2000; Clinton's Comedy Cafe, Toronto, 2000; Aired on Canal+ Television Les Programmes Courts, 2000 in France, Switzerland, Monaco and Mauritius; Molodist (Kiev, Ukraine), 2001 Dahlonega (USA), 2001, Anza Celluloid Social Club, Vancouver, 2001 Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, 2001, Salt Spring Island film festival, 2001.
Televised on INSIDE ENTERTAINMENT, (CTV, Canada), 29.3.2001, Naked Freedom Film Festival, Seattle (May 15-16, 2004) OCCII (Amsterdam), 20.3.2005, Darklight Festival (Dublin/Ireland) 24.6.2006, Joost.com: 2007-2009

Credits: Directed, Produced and Written by Thomas Lundy Starring Jane Antoni, Alexis Lundy, Kelsey Brown, Thomas Lundy. Original Score Tony Vieira, Cinematographer Richard Fox, Editor Michael Dorn, Sound Ken MacKay, Brian Newby and John Wojewoda, Camera Assistant Gary Mulcahey. Shot on location in Toronto in Cabbagetown and Hart House Cafeteria (University of Toronto)

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