Update 01/2013:

Atmet Brut now on Tour with "Festival des gescheiterten Films"

Berlin (Babylon:mitte) 03.-10.01.2013
Erlangen (Kulturzentrum E-Werk) 26.01.2013
Frankfurt (Orfeos Erben) 22.01. & 23.01.13 je um 21.15
Fürstenwalde (Filmtheater Union) 18.01. & 19.01.2013
Großhennersdorf (Kunstbauerkino) 09.2.2013
Hamburg (B-Movie) 09.2.&10.2.13
Hannover (Medienhaus Hannover) 18.01. & 19.01. 2013
Kaiserslautern (Union Studio für Filmkunst) Anfang April 13
Leipzig PF (Prager Frühling) 31.01.13
Leipzig UT (UT Connewitz) 01.02.13
München (Maxim-Kino) 20.12.12 -- 30.12.12
Rostock (Bunker Rostock) 18.01. & 19.01. 2013
Steyr (City Kino Steyr ) 23.01. & 25.01.2013
Tübingen (Arsenal) 07.2. - 09.2.13
Wachtberg (DREHWERK 17|19) 17.02.2013
Wien (Breitenseer Lichtspiele) 8.2. - 9.2. 18:30 & 20:30 und 10.2. - 14.2 je.20:30

Update(07/2009): Movie now with english subtitles.

Stefan, a newsman at the Austrian television broadcast, lost his home because of fatal fires which infest the city.

Fast, he gets a new flat from a musician who wants to left his home for greater thoughts. He left him all his furniture including the old bed.
Stefan is happy and no more homeless. But things don´t work out.

His new flat is loud and everything seems to work against him. One time he recognize, that his bed is alive and go on tour during the daytime while he is working.
Power-failures and suspect things happen more and more and Stefan notice a connection between his dreams and the trips of his bed.

Finally a new fire starts in his town!

The Story about Stefan the newsman tells the normal life of a person who has a contrary job to his personality. In TV he have to be the strong and clever anchorman to survive, but in his reality he is a human who wants to live in a quiet and save surrounding.

The loss of his old flat disturbs this peacefully thoughts and force him on the street and in a new surrounding. The living bed he owns with the new flat, describes his own deep wishes on his reality.
His fear of this brutal reality is a fear against himself. So in the end he overtake the fear with his talismans and connect himself to his wishes.

So he create a real himself, but this person now is dangerous.

The aim at this production was the realization of this story with an improvised structure.
The actors & the camera only get keywords and places for the shooting. The characters were defined in the beginning and the actor had to fill the scene with the narrative action and his own words.

The cameraman got light equipment to follow the actor easily and can react quickly on his actions. Furthermore the camera was defined with some key pictures to stay in shape of the continuity.
This method forces the movie to develop itself during the shootings.
This method is great to get associative acting without directing the shootings too narrow. During the editing the story gets in final state and the whole production comes without second shootings afterwards.

For the production it was therefore necessary to have very good people. We get the actors from the theater in Linz and the crew from art university.

The final movie comes on DVD and gets more detailed information about the production, the people involved and some behind the scenes.

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