12 people. 4 cameras. 3 days. 1 town.


IN BETWEEN SPACES is an experimental video project that explores the notion of a communal gaze. This collaborative documentary follows 12 individual perspectives from within a community; and through their eyes a sense of objective reality emerges. The community is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

In the summer of 2011, I placed GoPro cameras in the hands of four people who filmed one hour of their lives over the course of 3 days. When their hour was up they handed the cameras on to four others of their choosing to repeat the process. This cycle happened once more and in the end, 12 hours of footage from the daily lives of individuals in Charlottetown was collected.

I then acted as the organizing principle (with the help of original music composed by Roger Carter rogercarter.bandcamp.com) ordering and filtering these layers of perspective into a whole.

The result is IN BETWEEN SPACES. onethousandflowers.tv

Videographers: Donnalee Downe, Michael Wasnidge, Sandi Hartling, Mauricio Aristizabal, Christine Landry, David Phillips, Kelly Caseley, John MacKenzie, BJ MacCarville, Chrissy Cerminara, Corrie Cerminara, Matt Bowness.

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