I recently bought a few vintage lenses to experiment with on my 7D. These older lenses don't have the latest optics, sophisticated image stabilization, or the other bells and whistles that newer lenses have, but they do have something you can't put a price on: character. There is something very warm and inviting about the world when you view it through vintage glass, or at least I think so.

This morning we got out the Christmas decorations, and as soon as I saw Eden putting ornaments on the tree, I grabbed my camera and my new (old) lenses.

Because this is a lens test, I didn't do anything to the footage in post like I normally would. What you see here came straight out of the camera. Here are the specifications:

Shot in 24p on a Canon 7D

Pentax Super Takumar 50mm 1.4
Helios 58mm 2.0
Industar 50mm 3.5 (Pancake)

All of these lenses are M42 mount. I am using Fotodiox M42 to EOS adapters without the AF confirm chip.

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