A brief journey into the imagination of Ryan, a young blind boy, which begins when he asks his Dad, “What can you see?”.

I think of this as my first short film. I had the idea for about three years before I eventually made it. It went through various incarnations, all more complicated than what you see here. I rewrote the final draft of the script the day after watching 'Caché (Hidden)' by Michael Haneke. I really like the mystery that was created by not showing you all the pieces of the story. I think it's OK for the audience to fill in the gaps.

Shot on a Sony Z1 with an SGpro 35mm lens adapter and a Braun Nizo Super 8 camera. We spent a day filming in a tiny village in North Yorkshire, England. Then I had a couple of early mornings shooting the sunrise (doubling as a sunset) on the Nizo. Once I'd got the Super 8 stock back I projected it back into the 35mm lens adapter, without a lens attached, as a homemade telecine. Worked a treat!

'Bilnd' has been screened at many festivals all over the world and has been a part of numerous short film competitions. I'm also very grateful to Vincent Laforet for featuring 'Blind' on his blog in April 2013: blog.vincentlaforet.com/2013/04/17/movis-network-debut-a-lucky-winner/

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