The way we’ve chosen to tell this story is a little different.
First off, we want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Kevin Calabro at Hyena Records for allowing HandPicked Nation to use the fierce music you hear. It’s by The Frank and Joe Show.

Their playing adds so much to this piece — thanks to Frank and to Joe. In 2003, we were lucky enough to be in France, in Provence, in the area known as the Var. The Bieler family was very gracious in allowing us to photograph their harvest, their vendange. Harvesting grapes is hard work, but with hand harvested grapes and extraordinary care Château Routas was producing
highly regarded wines. Most notably, their rosé and their reds.

In 2005, the Bielers decided to sell their successful vineyard, but don’t think the Bielers are out of the wine business. Charles Bieler has been busy building Three Thieves into a California powerhouse and has recently been working with Paul Newman’s Own to introduce wine into Newman’s charitable circle.

We will always remember the time we spent at Château Routas.

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