Most of us know something about the issue of Human Trafficking and its atrocious impacts on the lives of young people world wide. Trapped in a dimension they sometimes do not understand, their lives are slowly destroyed thru commoditization.

With such in mind, the Hague Files and friends in Washington DC decided to do take part in conferences and community actions to educate ourselves on this issue “sometimes known as modern-day slavery.”

This year, we decided to make a short documentary. Here (the above video) is a 7 min trailer short about the project.

We thank our friends from all over the world for creating their catch-phrases to help us create this trailer – “please feel free to send more!”

Lookout for our forthcoming short movie; you can learn more information about it and how you can participate by writing us at

The Hague Files thank you!
And with special thanks to Wendy Zanarotti


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