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This is a trailer for an upcoming time lapse of a trip I shot a few months ago going from London to Iceland. Thanks to and for collaborating on this one, and to IcelandAir for sending me and two fellow photographers on the trip so that I could make one of my weird time-lapses.

The final two minute video is getting close to done so I wanted to release a trailer. There are about 1,000 photos represented in this trailer, but I shot 52,000 photos total over six days for the full piece. I’ve spent about 230 hours editing and rendering, which makes it by far my most ambitious time lapse to date. If someone could tell me why in the world I keep making these I’d appreciate it.

Speaking of that, it's 100% my weird wacky photo project and not an ad for IcelandAir in any way shape or form. They covered our travel costs but we didn't accept any payment - I simply make these because I like time lapses, and they thought it was a good fast way to show a trip from London to Iceland. Also, I fucking love Iceland so I hope you go there.

Music is "humiliating the distorted" by mr&mrsBrian ( ) licensed under Creative Commons via the Vimeo music store

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