Date of Completion: Nov. 2009;
My roles in production: personal production. (Soundtrack was produced by our team.);
Software used in production: Photoshop, Premier;
Brief Description: Stop-motion Animation, FALL was a story about a girl and a piece of cloud. The girl’s archetype was me, while the cloud was an abstract image of someone who is always there for me. At the beginning, they were just two characters created for my animation class assignments. While exploring to enliven animation characters, I was thinking and planning a whole story about them. At the end of that semester, these two characters matured, and their story clue also came clear. Thus, the production of FALL began. Every single piece of stage property was made by me. Sometime making a sofa in proper size would take me a whole night. For every scene, I would shoot hundreds of times and bend my head into those pictures trying to find out the best one. In front of the computer, I stared at the screen for 16 hours a day repeatedly modifying and polishing every single detail. The five-month hard working on this seven-minute animation was eventually rewarded with the Silver Prize in the First Beijing Student Cartoon and Animation Design Competition.

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