I'd awaken each day just after dawn. The winter sun would fill my hospital room with a warm glow. I would sit up in bed and wait for a moment with it on my face, thankful to see another sunrise. On the table sat the cards sent to me by loved ones, many of which I had not seen in years, some not even since childhood.

Ten days later I would leave that room suddenly aware of the passage of time. I set my sights on the Prairies. That summer I packed my car and drove. Determined to see the people left behind and to see as much land possible each day before the sun would set.


Song: Buffalo Swan by Black Mountain used with permission. Shot on Super 8 Kodachrome 40 film stock. Stills photos are 35mm Kodachrome 64. Shot in 2004, the year Kodak announced they were discontinuing Kodachrome in Super 8, I bought as much as I could prior to leaving on the trip.


2008 New Cineworks (Vancouver, Canada)
Golden Lion Film Festival (Swaziland)
Doxa Documentary Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)
Montreal Underground Film Festival (Montreal, Canada)
Green Reel Environmental Film Festival (Vaughan, Canada)
Terminal Cinema (Vancouver, Canada)

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