"Video produced by Daniel Broadley Films, alongside Duncan Howsley for LAB Exposure.

Special thanks go out to these talented people: Daniel Broadley and Duncan Howsley, for providing a vision and executing it. Alex Thornton for his great help and patience to deliver a stunning time-lapse.

Gemma Tomlinson at Gemsmaquillage for styling, hair, make-up and the making of. BANK for many of the outfits used.

Kate Jones for props and baking lots of lovely cupcakes, Matt Sayward and Mark Orr shook some trees. Shame that shot got left on the cutting room floor.

Finally, Katie and her manager Daniel Goudie for working very hard, and writing this song."

Description taken from LAB Records youtube description on the official video

This video is no tale of stress or strain, I had a fantastic team to work with whilst seeing this vision come to life. I worked extremely closely with the artist, Katie and her manager Daniel. They both had very clear visions of where they wanted this video to and and what it had to entail and fortunately for me it was right in the middle of direction I was intending the video to go. We managed to pull together lots of influences and ideas to create a quirky story with multiple metaphors that really sum up the feeling of 'Home is where the heart is'.

This shoot was a lot different to previous shoots as I had the chance to team up with the insanely talented Duncan Howsley, Whom you can find in the credits of this video. With a shoe string budget and minimal time he came up with some fantastic micro-budget solutions and ways of crafting the light.

All in all this was a fantastic 2 day shoot and insane amounts of fun, you can watch a short 'making of' that was taken on the shoot here: youtube.com/watch?v=a3S-MsEIlNQ&feature=youtu.be

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