Robin, a young single mother, is desperate to advance in her career as a journalist. However, when she finds herself deeply entangled in a dangerous, but highly newsworthy conspiracy, she realises just how much she stands to lose if she takes the opportunity...

This is my first ever 'short film', created for my A2 Level Media coursework. It was supposed to be around 4 minutes long. This production gained 100% marks and secured my A* grade for the A Level! I have always loved thrillers, so I chose that as my genre.

Please let me know what you think! Critical feedback is the most valuable thing I could ever recieve. I spent approx. 106 hours editing, whilst suffering from Swine Flu. I'm now a little insane (more so than usual, I mean).

Written, directed, produced and edited by myself. With shooting scripts and props and set design and everything. High quality production without high production values! I just wanted to do it RIGHT. Shot in HD with my Sony HDR-XR500VE.

Thank you very much to my wonderful actors (in order of prevalence):
Chloe Morris, (
Julie Brittle,
Phillip Broadley
Hannah Broadley,
Martin Brittle,
Kevin Broadley,
Sarah Manton,
Samuel Brittle.

Who can tell me what the symbol means? ;P

All music used under creative commons with no copyright infringement intended. No financial profit gained.

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