Shot on Nikon D700 - during the Joshi Festival (locally known as "Chilimjusht") to annually celebrate the arrival of spring in May 2011.

A part of a series of portraits of not just people but the portrait of a culture; religion; customs; values of a community numbering around 3000 people in the Valley of Kalash also referred as Kafiristan.

Descendants of the armies of Alexander the Great, the Kalashas are the country’s smallest minority group and represent a rather open-minded and care free culture.

In the last few years – the community has been severely threatened by the security concerns in an otherwise crime-free society and the forced laws by the government for the foreign as well as local tourists as well as media exploitations and forcible conversions to Islam.

Location: The Chitral valleys of Rumbur and Bumburet, Pakistan

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