Frederico Fellini's unmade film ll Viaggio di G. Mastorna Detto Fernet became a graphic novel, just before Fellini's death in 1993. This is the story of how that came to be, as told by long time Fellini collaborator and illustrator for ll Viaggio di G. Mastorna, Milo Manera. Combining still photography and moving images, the piece which was produced in conjunction with Fabrica, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011. The short is anchored by an interview with Milo Minara shot entirely in stills. The interview discusses his personal take on the main existentialist themes of the book; this interview has been intercut with the actual graphic novel and what appears to be the lost footage (via recreation) of the story's first scene. This short doc is an exploration into dreams and fantasy, moving through different realities. Shot between Milan, Italy and Koln, Germany.

Director: Chelsea McMullan
Executive Producer: FABRICA
Producer: Derek Howard, Omid Fatemi
Production Company: FABRICA in conjunction with WHAT MATTERS MOST
Principal Cast: Milo Manara
Screenplay: Chelsea McMullan
Cinematographer: Derek Howard
Editor: Pablo Pastor
Sound: Grant Edmonds
Music: Ted Bois
Production Designer: Leanne MacKay
Photography Stills: Margo Ovcharemko

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