Convoy Deck, blast mitigation for armored vehicles, uses SKYDEX's patented opposing hemisphere technology that absorbs energy caused by violent forces or explosions. Used today in most military armored vehicles,including the MRAP and M-ATV, SKYDEX blast mitigating flooring has been shown to reduce vehicles occupant injuries during IED attacks.

Key features include:
- Increased passenger protection
- Durable, multi-impact materials and design
- Customized to fit current vehicle designs
- Meets FMVSS302 and M67854-11-R-5012

Recognizing the increasing demand for protective combat vehicles, SKYDEX designs lightweight, multi-use protection systems that keep passengers safe and vehicles maneuverable and efficient.

SKYDEX manufactures patented geometrically designed materials that mitigate shock, vibration or energy forces for the most demanding military and commercial uses. Our products include blast mitigating flooring in combat vehicles, padding for military helmets, and shock absorbing decking on high speed interceptor boats. SKYDEX products are making a difference - Protecting Things that Matter.

Starting as a research and development firm developing athletic shoe components, SKYDEX has emerged as the leading provider for innovative impact and cushioning technologies.

SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. was launched in 2001 by USA Retama Corporation to develop commercial and military applications using its patented technology. SKYDEX has been developing innovative attenuation solutions for blast mitigation, cushioning, impact absorption and vibration reduction for today's most important and demanding applications ever since.

Whether it is convoys across the desert, boats patrolling the waters, troops keeping guard at the base, or aircraft surveying the airspace, SKYDEX is making the service members job safer and less stressful. While you probably have not seen SKYDEX's technology, it's currently integrated into a number of military applications. Our products limit the blast energy impact from exploding IED's, absorb the shock of high speed boats, and reduce psychological trauma to the body during impacts - - SKYDEX is Protecting Things That Matter.

USA Retama originally developed technology that was used by Nike as performance components for several popular running and athletic shoes. SKYDEX's engineering team has taken the original application of the patented twin hemisphere technology and has applied it to new products that have multiple applications in both the commercially and military industries. The company is leading the industry on a global scale as the choice for innovative impact and cushioning technology.

SKYDEX Products

SKYDEX products are engineered to protect humans or precious cargo from the energy forces that are emitted by violent blast or impact events. Our products are tested to meet or exceed the most demanding military standards, as well as commercial industry standards, for force protection.

SKYDEX products are divided into 6 categories:

- Personnel Protection -SKYDEX is committed to providing our war fighters with the very best in personal protection that is lightweight, field tested, durable and comfortable.

-Marine - The marine environment is demanding due to the constant pounding and engine vibrations, SKYDEX products protect marine craft operators with an unenclosed design that doesn't absorb water.

- Facilities and buildings - SKYDEX technology is versatile enough to protect troops during high impact, full-force training, or to help them get a great night sleep on a comfortable, clean mattress.

- Aircraft - Fire retardant, durable solutions to protect occupants and cargo from the high levels of vibration and sound emitted during aircraft use.

Vehicle - Recognizing the increasing demand for protective combat vehicles, we design lightweight, multi-use protection systems that keep passengers safe and vehicles maneuverable and efficient.

Other Applications - SKYDEX technology can be found in many different products such as world class running shoes, stunt mats for the motion picture industry and boat mats for recreational boaters.

SKYDEX Technology - SKYDEX is a patented cushioning and protective material that adds energy absorption and vibration dampening properties to diverse products ranging from blast mitigating flooring in the latest military vehicle to cushioning in athletic or combat training wall pads. Each application is tuned by our engineers for the specific use required by our customers.

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