"Deep in your heart . . ."

Music by Param Vir
Libretto by David Rudkin
Video by Hans Hijmering

Soprano: Charlotte Riedijk
Baritone: Alistair Shelton-Smith

Stage Direction: Jos van Kan

Commissioned, produced and performed by OCTOPUS
Haarlem, The Netherlands
October 2008

Inspired by the collection of folkloric tales 'Healers on the Mountain' by Teresa Pijoan

Opera Copyright © Param Vir 2008


At a tribal gathering, a young man and young
woman see each other, and fall in love. But she,
West-Wind-Rising, is married with a child. He,
Raven Caller, is in subjection to a witch who, in her
jealous fury, punishes him with the loss of his
memory and magical powers. But in his
unconscious, his song of love sings on. Guided by it,
West- Wind-Rising sets out on a difficult and
dangerous journey to find him. Her way brings her
toward the mysterious Black Feather Mountain, from
where his song seems to be coming. As she
clambers down a sheer rock-face, a raven attacks
her, and she falls. Raven Caller finds her broken
body almost lifeless. Once, with his healing powers,
he could have restored her. Now he does not even
recognize her; he cannot remember even his own
name . . . In one continuous scene, they re-awaken
each to themselves and each other, and by the
miracle of love their lives and powers are restored.

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