Artist: Paper Lions
Song: Sandcastles

Directed and Edited by Jonathan Krauth
Producer/Art Director: Michelle Allan
Sound Recording/Editing: Yonny Vizcaya

Our second session with Paper Lions will live on in infamy as the first and so far only session in which we were expelled from a location, and it didn’t just happen once but almost three times! Teams of security were on guard and giving new meaning to the phrase ‘no fun city.’ Apparently a magical Green Couch and a few musicians is a threat to national security.... or maybe they thought we were trying to Occupy.

The band were champions though, carrying the Couch all over Hastings ST in the rain and performing an incredibly unique version of their song Sandcastles. Complete with percussion played on a “slippery when wet” pylon.

Unwillingly hosted by: The Standard Building, at 510 Hastings st.

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