Compassion doesn't come easily in my music, but All Words in World (2009) feels like it I believe, an important composition for me now. The poem that Viveka Eriksson sings is one of my best and most accessible. Available on my album Forecast Proof (2009)

Malick approach to cinema changed so much in this movie, but not his philosophical and religious themes. Only maturity though could make him embrace such a big picture without falling into the numerous traps of the ego or the compulsive-go-nowhere tendency of highly edited films. His vision of childhood is the most convincing I ever came across in cinema (I researched this kind of cinema quite a lot). I can totally identify with his collage approach to film.

Nothing is overdone, everything (every five seconds) is highly beautiful and inventive, even the 10 minutes homage to Kubrick which was done first for another project by Malick (IMAX film) ; this sequence, I didn't play with it much, but it has the advantage to be non-sexist and of not feeling slightly now like a promotion for the American spaceships system.

Still, Kubrick was right when he said this : "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."

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