This is the sizzle reel for "High Score" the reality TV show!

The show stars Todd Tuckey of TNT Amusements.

High Score was created by Corey Armideo and Nate Hall.

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A 22 Minute pilot is available.

It's the "American Restoration" of the video and pinball game world. Todd and the crew hunt all over to find the favorite amusement machines and restore them to original working beauty. Follow along as they acquire games, fix them and do a number of other activity's that will keep you watching. Not only will their adventures keep you guessing, but Todd's long list of celebrity clients will be popping in from time to time to make an appearance.

Who do you know wouldn't want a arcade machine in their home? "High Score" lets us relive our childhood memories of when we would blow hundreds of quarters and hours in the neon lit, high energy world of the arcade. As you watch the acquisition and restoration of your favorite quarter munchers we mix in enough antics and crazy capers to keep the channel from changing.
For over 30 years TNT has been the east coast's largest amusement dealer. They are constantly searching for games for a list of clients and they find them anywhere from auctions to abandoned barns, to sellers houses, and even random people dropping by with the occasional cabinet. The games that are fixable we take you through in detail, but not so much it leaves you lost. The games that are beyond repair they usually light on fire or throw off the roof.

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