Watch what happens to the crabulous @ShellterEast ladies - Tori Shelling (smooth striped shell) and Paris Shellton (chipped striped shell) - in this time-lapse day-in-the-life on 2011-11-23.

Be part of the Project Shellter crowd-science experiment!

Please add a comment with the video time-stamp if you see a crab encounter in this video:

* Crab Encounter of the First Kind: Examination (touching inside and outside of a printed shell with claws and legs)
* Crab Encounter of the Second Kind: Switching (moving from current shell into a printed shell and maybe back)
* Crab Encounter of the Third Kind: Adoption (switching into a printed shell and staying there!)

Want more‽ Watch their friends, The Karshellians, in the @ShellterWest crabitat:

MakerBot Industries and TeamTeamUSA join forces for Project Shellter, the quest to create a crowd-sourced 3D printable hermit crab shell to address shell shortages in the wild!

Follow, share and contribute to help save hermit crabs by keeping natural shells in the wild!

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