There are quite a few NoNumber! extensions that possess great power. Extensions like Sourcerer, ReReplacer, Articles/Modules Anywhere, Snippets, etc..

But using these extensions together will unleash even greater powers. Scary powers. Stuff you might feel you are not worthy of being able to do.

Don't worry, it's not black magic... it's magic, but not black.

I'll show you some ways I use the extensions myself. Combinations that lighten the workload and make pages very dynamic.

But we might learn from each other. I often hear of ways NoNumber! extensions are used I couldn't have thought of myself :)

Day 2, Track 1
Presenter: Peter van Westen (NL)(NoNumber!)
Dates: 19-20 August 2011
Venue: The Pavillion Conference Centre in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

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