This was a project for my Directed Focus Study at the Guildhall. In a previous class we had created an exporter for 3DSMax for skinned skeletal meshes. After learning how to animate these meshes, I decided to go a step further and create a tool for viewing and organizing animations in a similar manner as UDK.
The two has two main parts, the "Animset Editor" and "Animtree Editor".

The 3DSMax files I used had all animations for a character in sequence. In order to be useable, I devised the Animset Editor to "cut up" the animations into smaller chunks. This data is then saved in an XML file for later use by the Animtree Editor or game engine.

With the Animtree Editor, a user can organize animations in a hierarchy that is useful to a game engine. My version doesn't have all of the graphical bells and whistles that UDK's has, but it does many of the same things. The first step is to use XML to create node definitions. For instance, your game might want the ability to blend between idle and moving animations, so you could define a node that took two other node inputs, one for moving and one for idle, as well as a blend time.

The project was created using Direct3d 11 and all of the GUI stuff was done using "Crazy Eddie's GUI"

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