This is a short edited version assembled from footage I shot on 11.11.11, for "one Day On Earth" project.

Update: I was just asked to upload my original footage to the "One Day On Earth" project: They have "determined
your footage to be of great interest to our editorial team", and that their editors might "even choosing it to be a part
of the final film".
So I uploaded it. Hope it means something.

On that day I visited Rosh HaNikra Grottos: Natural grottos created by the sea, connected by artificial tunnels, an old unused rail tunnel and a the world shortest and steepest cable car.
The Grottos are one of Israel most visited tourist sites. In this movie, you can see people from 4 (and maybe more) religions, and hear at least 6 different languages.
The sea was quiet & flat during 11.11.11. When there's a storm, however...

Rocks, water, blue and red light, and people of all kinds.

Shot with a canon 60d, 10-20/3.5 & 24-70/2.8 sigma lenses, a gorilla pod and a zoom h4n recorder, using only natural light. Edited on FCP X.

Music:"Walvis in de sterrenzee" by Ton Rückert (

Comments are welcomed!

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