i love you and there's nothing you can do about it.

occupy your life like an art bomb
that spreads in the distance
these are the sounds of resistance.
holding hands we witness
the unraveling threads of the system

a synapse ecstatic relapse
start with your intuition.
and then
move to your spiritual mission.

people over profit
reaching for it, we got it.
people over banks, priests, police, and politicians.
people are in the streets.
not down for submission.
these are the promises we keep to our children.
mmmm child things are gonna get easier
mmm child things'll get brighter.

and lighter and more warm hearted
it's where this world stops
and the new one gets started
as we become faithful
to the faithful departed or
the darlings deported
or the truth that is martyred

it's time to combine. react. infusion of
diverse radjical tactical solutions
what is our wish?
imagine eternal bliss
in whatever this
clever universe is
remember, remember,
we are all in this

in the world we see
lets paint this picture clearly
by clearing our canvasses and
coloring in harmony

i see world wide bike lanes
lined with flowers and edible fruit trees

magic journeys filled with love, LAughter, and cosmic mysteries
picking flowers and climbing redwood trees
finding reishi mushrooms of immortality
building double rainbow Pyramid memories
from now 'til the next millenniums' centuries.

we will learn to fly
in love
soar up above
a brand new symbiotic love
best expressed in massaging hands
this is a multiverse that constantly expands

wizards sprouting medicine
while casting spells in the sand

imagine a world without war
without poverty
and without money.

filled with abundance
feeding the entire world sprouting seeds of plenty
shedding our tough skin of collectivized scarcity

a species wide
evolutionary empathy
encompassing all of us mentally,
eventually, we'll all be rich beyond measure
the love in our lives found as life's greatest pleasure

occupy pockets of unlocked buried treasure
like rain forests we flourish
replant reforest
detoxing the water clean then
swimming in blue rivers and rapid streams
join us as we occupy parts
in each of our dreams.


When we experiment with the social and economic architecture we organically manifest sustainable symbiotic relationships and start to reveal the creative potential of collectively working together in harmony. In tune with one another, we revise the notion of individual versus society, to individual strengthening society and society strengthening the individual. we realize the fabric of society doesn't dissolve when we unravel the threads of capitalist hierarchy. In fact, the fabric becomes more resilient as our common threads are strengthened by the trust and solidarity built thru sharing, mutual aid, and community cooperation... collectively working to meet each others shared needs. Heaven is Now if You want it. Be LOVE with Me and eye and I are a part of you .

music by NiaTrine - Life As We Know It

Blue Skys - Beyond The Trees

occupy photo by Kalie Cassel-Feiss - luna13.com

occupy video clips by mediaroots.org

everlasting inspiration by Kirsten Brydum

love by everyone i have ever met and have yet to meet

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