Shot on color 16mm film the music video for "Big" wraps Sneaky Sound System's massive dance anthem in a 'run 'n' gun' cinema verite style moving from the high rise vista of a grand hotel suite to the bright lights of the Las Vegas streets.Powerhouse singer Miss Connie Mitchell is captured against the evening sky of the desert and the blasts of color and light so iconic to Sin City. We see her, and producer-in-arms Black Angus McDonald, move through scenes that are loving homages to the 80's and its decadent pop sensibilities. Light and uncontrived, with no narrative "Big" seeks to capture the spontaneous and uplifting spirit of Sneaky Sound System.

Director: Alan Algee
Photography: Autumn Durald
Editor: Alan Algee
Producer: Sue Yeon Ahn and Omid Fatemi
Production Company: What Matters Most

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