I Walked Alone

On iTunes: itun.es/iLh4TW

Directed by Mitchell Davis

Director of Photography: Mitchell Davis
Editor: Jona Bechtolt
Producer: Mike Merrill
Executive Producer: Steve Schroeder

Stylist: Ryann Bosetti

Friends of YACHT:
Katy Davidson
Nicole Georges
Whitney Marston Pierce
Diana Kim
Ryann Bosetti
Julia Austin-Milner
Mike Merrill
Alex Mahan
Eric Mast
Jeffrey Jerusalem
Mitchell Davis

I Walked Alone

The moon goes around the Earth,
And the moon controls the tide,
And the Earth goes around the sun,
And the sun provides the light.
And the light makes most of life.

If my friends were a crowd, it might not be the biggest, but it'd be deafeningly loud.
And if my enemies were an army, it'd try to take us down, deaf and dumb and proud.

The cat chases the mouse,
And the mouse just wants a home,
And the dog chases the cat,
And the cat wants to be alone.
And all the animals have souls guiding their bones.

If my friends were a drug, not one of them could afford it, but it's already in their blood.
And if your enemies caused you cancer, we'd find a cure for you, then bring it to the club.

I walked alone, until we met,
Then we walked against the Earth,
Until we met you.

The moon goes 'round the Earth, goes 'round the sun.

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