This protest song is dedicated to the occupy movement or any person who stands up against oppression. It contains protest footage from all over the world in 2011.

I want nothing more than to inspire people to unite and take it to the streets (or dance in the street), and to inspire people who have already done that to keep doing what is right.

If this video inspires you, please spread it so it will inspire others. Thanks and solidarity.

Join the movement at your own city.

Here's some history about this protest chant, "The people, united, will never be defeated!"

Many thanks to:
Marielle Riesgo, Talia Cooper, Ed Masuga, Nate Harris, Alex Schwarts, Vishrut Arya, Ian Quirk, Yonatan Landau, Claire Kimmel, Calypso, David Corson-Knowles, Leah Lowthorp, the wonderful people who sang in the group chorus but were too nice to leave their names, friends, families and the people of the world.

Footage attributions: (Thank you!)
utubekazu, billymcnasty05, MutineerProductions, CortexNewsService, SvengaliLad, speedgraphic, TheBigPictureRT, occupypdxJoeAnybody, DonkeyHotey, crazbabe21, United States Coast Guard, soyhwh, gruntzooki, Mad Magazine, TheSecretStore, genesayssitdown, Trujillo27, thekooosh, soundcheckthebay, rlarma, sethpajak, Chris Eaton, TheYouArchive2011, JoeInSouthernCA, White Design,, united15october,, echiner1, OccupyWallStreet917, ieee8023, foxandfeathers, ACTNOWNY, Gregg Brekke, asiansart, markatsvensson, ilyiwy, insanelaboratory, jamieosborneBE, dmatic72, NestaPaname, elpaiscom, riminese882, BenBazzard, RTAmerica, photo4evervideo, OccupyTVNY, wojtal74, treswift, ArtsyAlly, occupyphillymedia, TimothyBWest, Bastique, BenZolno, and others that I couldn't find names for.

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