It’s interesting times in the world of digital music and social expression. Established sites like YouTube remain on the front lines of remix culture, employing novel technologies that may bring money to mash-ups. Services like are changing the way we access, share and review our favorite songs. And LegitMix is delivering remixes in a clever way that promises to satisfy copyright law and help the sampled musician. But are these innovative licensing solutions too clever by half? Definitions regarding “interactive streams” and “public performances” may not be clear enough to cover the hybrid services popping up everywhere. Is our legal ground solid enough for tomorrow’s killer apps? Can permissions and clearances be more efficiently handled through technology? Can law keep pace with consumer behaviors? How will creators exercise their rights and get paid in this new environment? This panel will explore the legal and technological questions around digital sampling, innovation and compensation.

Dean Garfield, CEO and President, Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
Christopher LaRosa, Product Manager, Music, YouTube
Jessica Litman, John F. Nickoll Professor of Law and Professor of Information, University of Michigan
Larisa Mann, Ph.D candidate, Jurisprudence & Social Policy, UC Berkeley Law / Dj Ripley
Omid McDonald, Co-founder and CEO, Legitmix
Peter DiCola, Assistant Professor, Northwestern School of Law; Co-Author, Creative License: The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling (moderator)

This panel was recorded live at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. on October 4, 2011 during Future of Music Policy Summit 2011.

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