A little promo we threw together for Tiffen showing what we can do with the Tiffen Dfx filter suite. We used Dfx version 2 for this piece.

All of the footage was achieved with the steadicam flyer and pilot. We tried to throw in a nice mix of steadicam shots to really show how much value they add for us.

The versatility in these filters is rather remarkable- but more than that is how much of a look you can achieve with much less render time than other common filter sets.

With this piece we tried to do some more basic looks on some of the clips and some more advanced secondary grading on others.

Their basic color corrector filter is very robust and work very well in conjunction with the gel filters or some of the other film like filters. What we really enjoyed about this software was how well thought out the names and functions were. It was very easy to identify what a filter would do based on what it was called- which makes much easier to get familiar with a plug-in suite. Individual filters acted much more like building blocks than all in one looks as well, which lets you create a custom look and feel and get exactly what you want. In this way, it is also much more repeatable and leads to a much more thorough understanding of what your actually doing to your footage.


For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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